Posted by: Jane M | January 10, 2013

It only takes One or Two Herpes Cells

herpes6According to research done by Princeton University researchers, it takes just one or two viral herpes cells to attack a cell within the body at which time, millions of other cells are produced which replicate the virus.

It is at this time when the first outbreak is about to occur (the one or two cells attack a skin cell) that the virus is at its most vulnerable and according to studies is the best time at which to treat the virus before multiplication is allowed.

The mere fact that only one or two herpes cells are involved in the initial outbreak means a bottleneck has occurred in the virus’s lifecycle giving us a time in which to mass an attack.

With herpes, the virus can lay dormant in ones body for years with a trigger setting the virus in motion and resulting in an outbreak.

For those that missed the initial multiplication of the one or two viral cells, treat a viral outbreak with SuperH Ointment, a topical ointment applied to outbreaks to help decrease healing time and reduce recurrence.



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