Posted by: Jane M | October 18, 2012

Is your child a spoiled brat?

Every parent has trouble saying no to their little darlings. Parents should be aware that giving in to their child demand without boundaries can spoil a child.

Becoming a parent is a perfect gift that comes with huge responsibility. It is up to every parent to guide, nurture and protect their child, as this will help them grow up with values that are needed throughout life. Yet most parents love their children so much and they give them everything that they demand causing children to throws temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want or it is not the exact one they wanted (wrong color). Parents have to know the difference between their kids’ needs and their wants because kids don’t know the difference. Once you’ve said “no,” stick to it.  Don’t falter even if your child acts like you’re “the meanest mom” or “the worst dad in the world.”

“Of course, all toddlers interrupt, whine and throw tantrums” says Dr. Rex Forehand, the co-author of ‘parenting the strong-willed child’. “Those behaviours are normal ways for kids to assert their independence. What is important is how parents react. Spoiling happens when kids are predominantly in charge in the family. The parents have minimal authority over their children, and children continue to get their own way by acting up. Children learn this behaviour when their parents allow them to behave in this manner.

Divorce and separation also play an important role in why today’s parents raise spoilt brat. They give in everything their children demands to make up for the absent parent or to relieve the trauma of separation. According to Charlotte Latvala of, many parents spoil their children because they want to grant them what they never had when they were growing up as kids.


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