Posted by: Jane M | October 8, 2012

Homeopathic Thuja injection for Venereal (Genital) Warts

Venereal or Genital Warts form part of the STD family and are caused by the HPV (human papillomavirus) which is non-curable but highly manageable when management techniques are followed from the onset. As Venereal warts are STD’s, they are transmitted through sexual intercourse, with a staggering amount of individuals being affected worldwide; venereal warts are also not picky when choosing their victims as anyone can obtain this condition… so if you think you are safe, think again and be sure to take precautionary measures.

The success of Thuja Occidentalis has been found to lie in its ability to stimulate the antibody recognition of the HPV infection within the body, thereby helping stimulate CD4 T – cells. CD4 T – cells are the bodies Virus-infected cell scavengers. Thuja achieves this with no discomfort or pain and with absolutely no damage to the delicate tissues.

It has also been said that an injection of the Thuja occ tincture into venereal warts can cause them to disappear however I have not found much research on this topic to recommend or dissuade one from it. I would however not recommend giving yourself or asking a friend of yours to be the administrator of such an injection unless he/she is a registered medical practitioner and is assured of the safely of performing such an act.

Thuja occ can be also be obtained in an essential oil form however do be wary of buying just any oil; make sure the oil you buy is from a reputable dealer and has not been overly diluted with numerous other additives.

You can then add the Thuja occ essential oil (20 – 30 drops) to a one-ounce bottle of olive oil, applying this mixture to the affected areas at least three times daily. Be sure to dilute the Thuja and at no times use this essential oil prior to dilution.

Numerous proving’s on Thuja have been done by Dr. Frohlich, Dr. Bbhmand, Dr. Frildich, Dr. Huzber, Dr. Landesmann, Dr. iXcaschauer, Dr. Liaschaver, Dr. Mayrwhofer, Dr. Zlayrhofer, Dr. Sterz to name a few and also of course by the esteemed Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Just be sure to remember, venereal or genital warts are highly contagious so do keep this in mind, be considerate to others and be sure to manage this condition and any outbreaks from the get-go.


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