herpesmateIt is well documented that herpes simplex virus affects millions of people around the world. It is estimated that around 80% of adults are infected with HSV-1(Oral Herpes), and around 20% are infected by HSV-2(Genital Herpes). With 8 out of 10 people infected with the virus, it becomes critical for an infected person to inform their partner if they are infected with Herpes.

What makes knowing your herpes virus status difficult is the fact that, in some cases, the virus can be suppressed by the immune system to the extent where it may lay dormant without the infected person knowing it. Getting tested is important, but knowing your status also comes with some life changing choices.

For instance, if the test is positive for either one or both of the herpes viruses, how will you tell your partner? This is highly likely to affect the way you have genital or oral sex, or even how or when you kiss.

Theses are only a few thing that you will need to asses and change. But, the most important consideration before telling your partner is for you to be comfortable with knowing you have the virus and have all the information on how you will prevent spreading it to your partner. If your relationship is in its early stage, it is important to make sure that you trust your partner (and preferably, before sleeping with them) since this information is personal but affects both of you.

When you are ready to disclose this information to your partner, start by asking if he/she has ever been tested for any virus. This will allow you to get a sense of whether your partner is informed about their sexual health well-being. An informed partner will be easier to explain your herpes virus status than an uninformed partner who might require extensive education on the virus.

After you decide to go ahead and let he/she know about your status, let them know about the information you have received during your testing session. This is likely to ease them as much as it eased you to take the test.


HerpesThe tests and examinations for herpes are necessary to diagnose the presence of an infection and its type, whether it is HSV-1 or HSV-2. The most common symptoms of herpes are sores that appear on the mouth or on and around the genital area. It is, however, important that a proper diagnosis is made in order to facilitate treatment and to verify that these symptoms are in-fact indicative of a herpes simplex viral infection.

Examinations for Herpes

Most doctors begin with a general or physical exam where the blisters or sores are inspected. You can expect your doctor to ask you about your recent medical history and about your sex life, if sores appear on the vagina or penis. Your doctor will look for the most common symptoms of the condition, which include sores, swollen lymph nodes, fever, fatigue and muscle pain.

A closer look at the sores is necessary in order for the doctor to determine whether they are typical of a herpes infection or another kind of sexually transmitted disease (STD). The doctor will focus on examining your lymph nodes, as swelling will indicate that the body has recognized and is fighting an infection.

Tests for Herpes

Once your doctor has positively identified the sores as a herpes infection or another type of STD, a medical test will need to be performed in order to confirm this. The tests and examinations for herpes go hand in hand. There are four main types of tests for diagnosing an HSV infection, namely:

  1. A herpes viral culture test
  2. A virus antigen test
  3. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing
  4. Antibody testing

For the first three tests, a sample from a blister or sore is taken. The doctor takes some fluid and cells. The sample material is usually taken from newly formed sores as they are most likely to contain the virus. For the antibody test, the doctor will take a blood sample.

The herpes viral culture test is designed to identify the presence of the virus. The cell and fluid sample taken is placed in a special dish under special lab conditions. The lab technician watches the sample to determine whether the virus grows.

The herpes virus antigen test involves placing the cell and fluid sample under a microscope. The surface of the cells is examined for the present of specific markers called antigens, which indicate the presence of HSV.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is designed to identify the DNA of the virus present in the patient’s body. It is used to pinpoint whether HSV-1 or HSV-2 is present. This test is most commonly performed not on sore sample material, but on spinal fluid. This is done in case the doctor suspects the virus may affect the brain.

The antibody test for herpes is designed to identify antibodies produced by the immune system to battle the infection. It is also called a serology tests as it involves the testing of a blood sample for antibodies. The test may not be highly accurate in all cases as newly infected patients may not have produced the antibodies yet.

If you suspect that you may be infected with this virus, you must have the tests and examinations for herpes done as soon as possible, in order to receive adequate treatment.

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Suppressive Therapy and Herpes


HSV-1 – Herpes Simplex Virus – Cold Sores

Suppressive therapy involves anti-viral drugs which help to limit the outbreaks whilst reducing viral shedding of herpes blisters. This in turn helps decrease the amount of viral shedding and in essence means you are less likely to infect other sex partners with this common STD.

Please do however read the package insert before use and discus any concerns or queries you may have with your GP or Specialist. As Herpes is caused by a Virus, taking suppressive drugs will not cure the virus and as a result, taking of these products will most likely be a lifelong endeavour.

For an all Natural, Homeoapthic treatment of Herpes outbreaks, try SuperH, a topical ointment applied to outbreaks to help decrease healing time and reduce recurrence.

baby1111Researchers have found that babies exposed to infections just before or shortly after birth have a higher risk of developing Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy is a condition which affects the brain. During this condition, the brain is unable to develop fully before birth or during the first fundamental years of a child’s development.

The Herpes B virus is in essence the virus that is responsible for chicken pox and shingles and has the potential to cross the placenta during pregnancy.

Be sure to consult your doctor, paediatrician or specialist if you contract a virus during pregnancy as he or she will be able to provide all the necessary advice and recommendations to help ensure your baby is born health and well.

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It only takes One or Two Herpes Cells

herpes6According to research done by Princeton University researchers, it takes just one or two viral herpes cells to attack a cell within the body at which time, millions of other cells are produced which replicate the virus.

It is at this time when the first outbreak is about to occur (the one or two cells attack a skin cell) that the virus is at its most vulnerable and according to studies is the best time at which to treat the virus before multiplication is allowed.

The mere fact that only one or two herpes cells are involved in the initial outbreak means a bottleneck has occurred in the virus’s lifecycle giving us a time in which to mass an attack.

With herpes, the virus can lay dormant in ones body for years with a trigger setting the virus in motion and resulting in an outbreak.

For those that missed the initial multiplication of the one or two viral cells, treat a viral outbreak with SuperH Ointment, a topical ointment applied to outbreaks to help decrease healing time and reduce recurrence.

Forbidden fruit is, of course, one allure of interfaith romances and people try to minimize the differences when they’re in love.

The Challenges

Interfaith relationship or marriages may invite stress if a couples backgrounds are very different. Sorting out such issues isn’t easy but necessary for the relationship to work.

Interfaith relationship or marriages becomes worse when one partner has to perform rituals that the other partner considers as “not the norm” or when children are involved.

A pastor said “if children are involved, tensions arise when deciding which religion to follow. So parents should rather decide that their children will follow both religions and let them decide when they are old enough and in a better position to make an informed choice about their future”. However this can confuse the children as they may only end up observing the most superficial elements of the individual religion, failing to grasp the true sense of either of their parent’s religions.

This tension is then compounded tenfold when deciding which religious holidays are important and which holidays are less important.

Ways to overcome these Challenges

There is a huge number of interfaith marriages break down because of couples failing to handle their differences with dignity and couples judging there partner’s faith without knowing what it is all about. Open communication and a better understanding of your partner’s faith is fundamental for a successful relationship or marriages.

Here are some ideas for understanding these differences and helping interfaith relationships work:

Face the issues – stopdenying that differences actually exist. Face these issues head-on and Now is the best time to talk. Avoidance won’t help the conflict go away.

Clarify your cultural code – When thinking about your culture, consider: What is normal in my family and what are my expectations for the relationship and a prospective family? Then, talk about these cultural differences as a couple.

Clarify your identity – Individuals who have a vague sense of their religious identity “may push their partners to be something they can’t be, e.g. a non-Jewish partner can’t become “culturally Jewish.”

Practice “unconditional experimentation” – you might attend church or synagogue with your partner. This doesn’t mean that you’re making any promises (converting), but it does show that you take your relationship seriously and are willing to learn more about what’s important to your partner.

View therapy as preventative – Couples typically wait until their relationship has significantly suffered before seeking counselling. If you have interfaith relationships problems that you and your partner can’t get beyond, seek help sooner.

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My breast are too BIG and are always in the WAY!

When women hear about breast surgery, the first thing they think about is breast enlargement. Bigger is not always better or best, especially for women who have heavy or large breasts that disturb their daily activities and may also cause serious problems.

A plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart Geldenhuys discusses these problems, and he also explains how breast reduction surgery offers a new lease on life for women with large breasts.

Women who have heavy or large breast are restricted in what they can do and makes it almost impossible to participate in sports. Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) removes excess tissue, fat and skin in the breasts thereby making them smaller and lighter. This creates more proportionate breast that fit with your body, also alleviating the medical and emotional stress of heavy or large breast.

Breast reduction surgery is done in a hospital or surgical center, using general anesthesia. The surgery can take up to 5 hours, and you will be discharged the same day. The procedure involves removing tissue and skin from the breast, the surgeon first makes one or more cuts in the breast. After the excess tissue and skin have been removed, the skin is closed with stitches.

Why choose breast reduction?

Dr Geldenhuys explains that heavy, large breast may have a disabling effect such as shoulder, neck and lower back pain. Other factors which may cause pain include sores caused by excessive skin rubbing and shoulder bra straps digging into the skin. Many women with large breasts also have psychological effects such as embarrassment, anti-social behaviour, low self-esteem, and body dimorphic disorder.

The benefits of breast reduction

  • Lower back pain will be eliminated.
  • Pain in the neck, back and the shoulder are reduced.
  • The breasts will be smaller and better balanced with regards to the rest of the body.
  • Enhancement of clothing and bra choices.
  • Elimination of marks on the shoulders due to bra straps.
  • Breast reduction also resolves the irritation the skin underneath the breasts.
  • Participation in sports or other activities

Are there any complications of breast reduction?

Breast reduction is safe when performed by a qualified doctor. Although like any surgery, it does have certain risks. Complications such as:

  • Scars
  • Excessive bleeding during surgery.
  • Unevenly positioned nipples, or breasts that are not the same size or shape.
  • Loss of feeling in the nipples or breasts.
  • An infection.
  • Reaction to the anesthesia.
  • Inability to breast-feed after surgery.
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Sex Addiction… a Valid Medical Diagnosis or Not!

Sex addiction is currently being studied by the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA which may mean that this condition could soon become part of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). In order to achieve this status, sexual addiction will need to be carefully assessed and all external factors that may affect ones sex drive such as medications, other mental conditions, bipolar disorders or substance abuse removed from the equation.

ShoooeWeee, that’s quite a mouthful… so what does this mean? In essence it means that sex addiction may soon be recognized as a valid Mental Disorder, not just something people whisper about behind closed doors or a joke they tell their friends about. It has been found that individuals suffering with sexual addiction or Hypersexual behaviors are less likely to manage stress, their impulsive behaviors and balance emotional disturbances occurring in the world around them. Hypersexual behaviors also account for high rates of job and relationship loss as well as a high rate of developing sexually transmitted diseases. What adds to this predicament is that sexual addiction presents itself from between the age of 18 – 25 when teenagers are said to be most active in their sexual pursuits.

Numerous sexual partners means a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. One such sexual disease which is spreading far and wide is Herpes. Herpes is a virus that once contracted cannot be fully treated; the condition can only be managed. This is because the Herpes Virus remains dormant in the nerve root cells waiting for a trigger to set itself off again. This usually results in herpes outbreaks which develop as fluid filled blisters that rupture developing in and around the genital areas (HSV-2). During an outbreak, the virus is extremely infectious and can be transmitted via either oral or sexual intercourse. Oral Herpes is known as HSV-1.

Be wary, be wise, be condom-wise however that’s not to say an outbreak that is not able to be covered by a condom will not spread… This is often the case with Herpes as outbreak blisters do not develop on the genital areas alone, but rather around these areas making full covering of outbreaks sometimes impossible. Be considerate and thoughtful to others bodies, if you know you have the virus, seek management treatment and always use protection. Try to avoid sexual or oral intercourse especially during outbreaks and remember, Herpes although not curable is fully manageable.

One such way of managing this sexually transmitted disease is with the use of SuperH Ointment. This ointment has been found to treat and reduce the occurrence of herpes outbreaks as well as treat symptoms associated with this condition such as pain, bursting of blisters, itching, redness and swelling of the genital areas. SuperH Ointment is also homeopathic and ideal in treating cold sores which can also be a result of the Herpes virus but rather the Herpes simplex1 virus.

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Is your child a spoiled brat?

Every parent has trouble saying no to their little darlings. Parents should be aware that giving in to their child demand without boundaries can spoil a child.

Becoming a parent is a perfect gift that comes with huge responsibility. It is up to every parent to guide, nurture and protect their child, as this will help them grow up with values that are needed throughout life. Yet most parents love their children so much and they give them everything that they demand causing children to throws temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want or it is not the exact one they wanted (wrong color). Parents have to know the difference between their kids’ needs and their wants because kids don’t know the difference. Once you’ve said “no,” stick to it.  Don’t falter even if your child acts like you’re “the meanest mom” or “the worst dad in the world.”

“Of course, all toddlers interrupt, whine and throw tantrums” says Dr. Rex Forehand, the co-author of ‘parenting the strong-willed child’. “Those behaviours are normal ways for kids to assert their independence. What is important is how parents react. Spoiling happens when kids are predominantly in charge in the family. The parents have minimal authority over their children, and children continue to get their own way by acting up. Children learn this behaviour when their parents allow them to behave in this manner.

Divorce and separation also play an important role in why today’s parents raise spoilt brat. They give in everything their children demands to make up for the absent parent or to relieve the trauma of separation. According to Charlotte Latvala of parents.com, many parents spoil their children because they want to grant them what they never had when they were growing up as kids.

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Homeopathic Thuja injection for Venereal (Genital) Warts

Venereal or Genital Warts form part of the STD family and are caused by the HPV (human papillomavirus) which is non-curable but highly manageable when management techniques are followed from the onset. As Venereal warts are STD’s, they are transmitted through sexual intercourse, with a staggering amount of individuals being affected worldwide; venereal warts are also not picky when choosing their victims as anyone can obtain this condition… so if you think you are safe, think again and be sure to take precautionary measures.

The success of Thuja Occidentalis has been found to lie in its ability to stimulate the antibody recognition of the HPV infection within the body, thereby helping stimulate CD4 T – cells. CD4 T – cells are the bodies Virus-infected cell scavengers. Thuja achieves this with no discomfort or pain and with absolutely no damage to the delicate tissues.

It has also been said that an injection of the Thuja occ tincture into venereal warts can cause them to disappear however I have not found much research on this topic to recommend or dissuade one from it. I would however not recommend giving yourself or asking a friend of yours to be the administrator of such an injection unless he/she is a registered medical practitioner and is assured of the safely of performing such an act.

Thuja occ can be also be obtained in an essential oil form however do be wary of buying just any oil; make sure the oil you buy is from a reputable dealer and has not been overly diluted with numerous other additives.

You can then add the Thuja occ essential oil (20 – 30 drops) to a one-ounce bottle of olive oil, applying this mixture to the affected areas at least three times daily. Be sure to dilute the Thuja and at no times use this essential oil prior to dilution.

Numerous proving’s on Thuja have been done by Dr. Frohlich, Dr. Bbhmand, Dr. Frildich, Dr. Huzber, Dr. Landesmann, Dr. iXcaschauer, Dr. Liaschaver, Dr. Mayrwhofer, Dr. Zlayrhofer, Dr. Sterz to name a few and also of course by the esteemed Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Just be sure to remember, venereal or genital warts are highly contagious so do keep this in mind, be considerate to others and be sure to manage this condition and any outbreaks from the get-go.